15 steps to start planning your wedding

The bells of the church are already ringing, all the guests are excited, and you are in the center of everyone’s attention, you are the center of the world. That’s right, we are talking about the wonderful day of your wedding, but before this dream comes true, there are several steps to take for everything to be perfect. 

To make the preparation of your wedding something fun, enjoyable and less stressful, we leave you here 15 steps to start planning your wedding.

1.- Establish a budget 

The main basis for avoiding any setbacks on your wedding day is to establish a budget where the costs involved in carrying out such an extraordinary event as a wedding are taken into account. 

We can give you some points that are important to consider in your budget

  1. The bride’s dress and the accessories that this implies such as bouquet, shoes, veil, etc. 
  2. The groom’s suit with all that this implies like shoes, tie, etc. 
  3. Number of guests 
  4. The venue of the event, either a specialized hall, an outdoor place or even a boutique hotel. 
  5. The banquet considering how many phases there will be, the menu and the waiters. 
  6. The invitations.
  7. The religious ceremony and the decoration of the church. 
  8. The legal civil ceremony and the procedures it implies. 
  9. The suppliers needed for decoration, drinks, music, among others. 
  10. Photography and video.

2.- Decide the date and the place

Once you have designated the budget for your wedding, the next step is to define the date and the venue where your wedding will take place. Remember that the more time you have to do this whole process, the better it will be to avoid a crisis. 

  • Set a date that both of you feel comfortable with and designate it as the best day of your lives. 
  • There are several places where you can carry out this act of love. We recommend the best cities in Guanajuato, within this selection is the Magical town of San Miguel de Allende, where you can discover the best boutique hotels for the wedding of your dreams.

3.- Create a guest list 

This step is one of the most difficult for the couple, as it implies leaving out people or not having enough budget to invite them all. 

However, here we leave you some questions that you can ask as a couple to create your guest list with the people who are really important to both of you. 

If they are family: 

  • Are they close relatives? 
  • Do you have a special fondness despite being away for a long time? 
  • How long has it been since you last spoke? 
  • Is their presence pleasant or uncomfortable for you or for your couple?

If they are friends: 

  • Does their presence make a difference on this special day? 
  • When was your last contact? 
  • Do you make mutual invitations to their special events? 
  • Is their presence pleasant or uncomfortable for you or for your couple? 

Remember that it will be the best day of your life and, as a couple you should both feel comfortable but above all, happy about your dream wedding.

4.- Choose the theme of the wedding 

The theme of the wedding is directly related to you and your common tastes. This directly influences the decoration of the place where this magical event will take place, so we cannot miss these tips that will surely help you to be inspired and choose the ideal theme. 

  1. Consider the vibe of the place you chose to celebrate your wedding, whether it be a beach, a colonial and historical place like San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato or another magical town. 
  2. Talk to your couple and together make the most of your tastes. Some weddings can have a comic, movie, series, or even a more elegant theme like vintage, nature, travel, among many other ideas, the point is that both enjoy it like never before. 
  3. Take care of the budget, we know that some themes are more expensive than others due to the decoration, so we recommend that you include more than one option on your list. Both of you have to feel good with the planned expenses.

5.- Hire a wedding planner

For some couples, wedding planning is very important, which is why they want to experience it minute by minute without anyone else interfering in their special event. However, if your budget allows it, hiring a wedding planner can be the best option given their experience and specialty on the topic. 

Don’t worry about leaving the organization in the hands of someone who is dedicated 100% to these types of topics, he or she will try to guide you in the best way, offering you options to adjust your budget or save on some aspects. In Zumo we have the best event planners, we have many years of experience, we are associated with the best florists, photographers, in addition to having the best experience in catering, you will not find better experts in San Miguel de Allende, in Zumo we are ready to make your wedding the best day of your life, your wedding will be spectacular. 

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6.- Choose the bride and groom’s attire for the wedding day

The next step to create the best wedding ever is to choose the attire for your wedding day. 

The bride’s dress should meet your expectations, be the perfect shade for you, as nowadays white isn’t a must. If you’re looking for a traditional religious wedding, there are different shades of white available, as well as accessories, lace, or prints.

The groom’s suit should be directly related to the dress, and they should make the perfect complement.

What can’t be missing is the selection of the dresses of the ladies and the maid of honor, the color, type of fabric and the design of the dress and its accessories.

7.- Select a photographer and videographer

Remembering is living, that’s why it’s essential for couples to capture events for eternity, as it’s the evidence of what their dream wedding was like.

Within the budget for planning your wedding is that of the photographer and videographer, they must be attentive to each sequence of events that will be taking place throughout the celebration. Consider that your provider has the necessary equipment and that it has excellent quality

8.- Choose a band or DJ for the music

Choosing a band or DJ for the music is essential for making the event more lively and giving it the celebratory feel that a wedding deserves. Hence, the selection of music becomes relevant for every moment of the event. 

Decide a DJ or band that is attentive to playing the music for the meal time and the songs that have been planned, such as the couple’s waltz and the family waltz.

9.- Decide the menu and catering providers 

The banquet is another of the aspects that give the most presence to a wedding. Consider hiring catering providers that specialize in the coordination and preparation of food and drinks, as well as their presentation.

Agree with the catering provider in advance the choice of the menu so that you have it on hand and can acquire the necessary supplies to carry it out. 

The catering team is fully trained to cater your event with a personal touch. We can create special menus for your wedding, your guests will enjoy delicious food and exceptional service.

In zumo we are ready for you to have everything ready without you having to worry about anything, contact us to make your wedding something unique. 

10.- Choose flowers and decoration 

As we previously saw, deciding the theme is one of the essential steps for your wedding, however one aspect of this step is the choice of flowers for the place of the civil or religious ceremony. 

In addition, the decoration of the event hall outdoors or in a closed environment goes hand in hand with the theme of the wedding. Hotel Boutique Villa Limón offers services of Wedding and events, it’s excellent.

11.- Selecting a wedding cake and a provider 

We believe that no wedding is complete without the wedding cake. Choose the design and ingredients of the cake in advance. 

If you are being more considerate of your guests who are lactose intolerant or allergic to certain ingredients, consider some options like gluten and lactose free pieces or something lighter like jellies.

12.- Organize transportation for the couple and guests

If you have dreamed of arriving at your wedding in a Victorian-style carriage or a luxury vintage car, this step is important. Deciding the transportation to get to the altar gives this dream a plus of elegance and singularity. 

In addition to the transportation for the bride and groom, another significant point is to check how the guests will arrive, both to the ceremony and to the wedding reception. Some may have their own means of transport, but facilitating the transfer is also something that should be taken into account.

13.- Reserve a hotel for the couple and the guests

This step is one of the most significant, since once you have chosen the place to celebrate your wedding and the means of transport for you and your guests, comes the step of finding a place to spend the night. 

For this, we recommend that you decide on boutique hotels like Hotel Boutique Villa Limón, since these establishments include wedding service packages and have spectacular halls that will transport you to another universe. 

Consider what additional services it includes and how you want to spoil your guests. In San Miguel de Allende you can find boutique hotels that include spa, bar, terrace, and restaurants in addition to excellent rooms and customer service.

14.- Planning the honeymoon. 

Each step of your wedding its important from the first to the last, but if there is something that you can’t overlook and that causes too much emotion, it is the fact of planning your honeymoon. 

Here is where you should visualize the possible scenarios for the days after the event of your wedding. In Mexico there are many places for this adventure like beaches, forests, magic towns like San Miguel de Allende, which is a favorite for future newlyweds due to its colonial, quiet and relaxed atmosphere. 

Within this place there are many tourist places to visit, many activities to do and of course, the best boutique hotels to enjoy the best experience after your wedding.

15 Start making final arrangements and check details.

Once you have followed the previous steps that we have detailed and that you are days away from your wedding, start making the final arrangements and check the details so that the expected day is perfect. 

Don’t forget that in all this process there are two people involved. The best is to enjoy and reach a level of more intimate connection with your couple and to discover more things about the other and start a new stage full of new challenges, but above all full of new experiences, learnings and much love.