5 boutique hotels in San Miguel de Allende to have the wedding of your dreams

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in Mexico. It offers a spectacular view with its colonial architectural surroundings, its relaxed atmosphere, and its Gothic-style parish. 

For anyone who wishes to live their wedding dream, this place has a wide variety of boutique hotels to make it come true. Just as we can present to you the Top 10 Best Wedding Destinations in Mexico, we also leave you this guide with the 5 best boutique hotels you will find in San Miguel de Allende to have the wedding of your dreams.

1.- Hotel Boutique Villa Limón

This beautiful building is located 300 meters from the Historic Center, making it accessible and strategic to fully enjoy the attractions of this magical town

Hotel Boutique Villa Limón is committed to offer high quality service backed by its customer service. Its rooms are spacious, clean, and comfortable. 

The design of each one allows you to feel in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. It also has a terrace, a restaurant, and a bar. 

The event hall of this amazing place transports you, which is precisely what is sought to live the wedding of your dreams since, in the same way, event design and banqueting services are offered, which provides you with the complete and exquisite service.

2.- Hotel Matilda

Located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, this boutique hotel offers modern and luxurious rooms and suites. In addition to its alternative services, it includes a spa where you can relax without complications. 

The hotel also offers a variety of services like a bar and terrace. Also, it has a restaurant with regional Mexican dishes prepared by one of the most recognized chefs in Mexico and the world. 

It could not be missed, among its options, a hall for weddings and banquets, the ideal place to celebrate your wedding day with a magical atmosphere full of that feeling of calm and well-being.

3. Casa de Sierra Nevada

This beautiful country house offers a cozy atmosphere and an amazing view of the city. In this property you will find rooms decorated in the pure Mexican style within 6 mansions with colonial architecture. 

If you want to carry out your wedding in this boutique hotel, it has an events’ hall where celebrating your wedding will be the best decision you’ll make to keep your best memories. 

Another unmissable service of this Boutique Hotel is without a doubt it’s wonderful Spa that offers relaxing massages but also includes a temazcal and a traditional outdoor sauna. 

What differentiates the Boutique Hotel Casa de Sierra Nevada is its specialized restaurant that you can find in the Casa del Parque where its specialty is exquisite Mexican dishes.

4. Rosewood San Miguel de Allende

Rosewood San Miguel de Allende is classified among the hotels that offer luxury service, and it is no surprise, as its design perfectly fits the magical atmosphere of San Miguel de Allende. 

In addition, its additional services such as sense, A Rosewood Spa where you can spend a day of relaxation is a must or the tapas bar located on the terrace, make this place the most perfect place to rest and enjoy what the city has to offer. 

It is also essential to mention its event hall which has a unique and beautiful decoration that makes it perfect to have the wedding of your dreams and, in any way, make the guests enjoy the best of weddings.

5.- El Mesón de San Miguel

Another one of the most renowned Boutique hotels in this beautiful city is the Mesón de San Miguel, its 4 stars give us a glimpse of the quality of service and what we can expect from a luxury hotel. 

In this paradisiacal establishment we can find a pool and a restaurant that offers typical and international food according to its tenants is extraordinary. Each of the rooms allows you to have the greatest comfort of all and the location could not be more favorable, being close to the most visited tourist spots. 

If you want to take the next step and get married in this beautiful city, the events hall of this place is magnificent, in addition as the banquet service offered is the best you can find. Take your dream wedding to the next level.

What should I take into account when choosing the perfect boutique hotel? 

Now that we have given you some examples of the best boutique hotels in San Miguel de Allende, it all depends on you to decide the place that excites you most. For that, don’t forget these tips we have for you. 

  • Don’t forget to ask for a guided tour, so you can see the additional services offered for accommodation. 
  • Make a list of the most valuable services for you, such as restaurants, spa’s, pool’s, bar’s, terraces, among others. 
  • Consider what your guests can do after the event, in addition to the services of the boutique hotel. Here you can find 14 Things To Do in San Miguel de Allende and enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Check the location, although all our selections are in the center, you can also see how close are the tourist attractions and amenities to enjoy.

The boutique hotels in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, are specifically designed for you and your loved ones to fully enjoy the experience of visiting this majestic tourist spot and create the best memories for your dream wedding.

These have been the top 5 boutique hotels in San Miguel de Allende for your dream wedding. We cannot end this guide without mentioning that each hotel is unique and offers its services with the highest quality standards, which includes the friendly treatment of its hosts and all the staff working there.