Plan Your Wedding in San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is an excellent option to get married, it has a beautiful cathedral, amazing colonial architecture, and alleys full of history. In this blog we’ll try to give you an overview of all the things you may need to consider for your wedding so you can prepare if you want to plan this beautiful moment here.

Why choose San Miguel de Allende for your wedding celebration?

For its folklore

The callejoneadas are one of the most famous and unique things in San Miguel de Allende. They are moments full of music, color, mariachi, dance, and the incredible mojigangas made by the hands of the people of San Miguel de Allende. It is a wonderful experience, ideal to represent Mexican folklore.

Because it is a World Heritage City

San Miguel de Allende was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 2008, for its wide cultural diversity, amazing colonial architecture, delicate handicrafts, and alleys full of history. It is the perfect city to have a mix of ancient and modern for your wedding.

For the wide variety of receptions

San Miguel de Allende has more than 200 wedding venues. You can choose from a variety of haciendas, ranches, old houses, halls, vineyards, and emblematic places of the city such as the Instituto Allende or the Plaza de Toros.

Talking about venues

In addition to the incredible magic, views, climate, activities, and gastronomy, San Miguel de Allende offers incredible halls, ranches, terraces, haciendas, and countless places for you to celebrate and fulfill your dream of marrying your special someone. Here are some of our top recommendations to take that special day into a unique and unforgettable place.

Zumo Restaurant

Zumo is the ideal place to host a celebration for up to 150 guests. This incredible place has a spectacular view since it is located in the center of San Miguel de Allende and its spaces allow you to appreciate everything around you. In addition, Zumo is connected with the best local suppliers, hotels, attractions, banquets, and everything to make your event a success. They even have a professional event planning team to make your event unique, all completely focused on your budget and requirements. Always making your dreams come true.

Rancho Las Sabinas

Rancho Las Sabinas will leave you dreaming with its beautiful architecture and spacious areas. Positioned as one of the most beautiful spaces in the area and wine route, this ranch has for you splendid scenarios such as its terraces, green gardens, pergola for your wedding ceremony, and suites! 

You can bring up to 550 guests to this incredible place to celebrate this dream moment.

Luna Escondida

This is a special place, where every detail, every garden, and every construction has been created naturally and fluidly. This makes it a very special place, it has different services for rent, such as an event hall for up to 450 people, a garden for celebrations of up to 150 people, and villas for lodging, breakfasts, and services. 

Without a doubt, the expansive gardens and every area of this ranch are truly remarkable; they transport you to the concept behind each of the amenities, giving it a unique and perfect feel.

Where to host your guests?

Of course, it all depends on the location where your event will take place, many places offer lodging within the facilities where the event takes place. However, if you want to look on your own or simply want to compare options, in this blog we add lodging recommendations for your guests to enjoy a nice, comfortable, and safe stay. 

Hotel Villa Limón

Hotel Boutique Villa Limón is located in the center of San Miguel de Allende, it offers a great variety of beautiful and comfortable suites, where you can rest and spend a delicious night. It has a beautiful view, a restaurant, a bar, and everything you need to feel comfortable. It also has affordable prices for your stay.

Clandestino Hotel

This hotel provides you with comfortable rooms and the opportunity to be close to the best places to enjoy the city, giving you all the comfort. You are only a few meters away from the San Miguel Arcangel Church and the Historical Museum.

Casa Naré Adults Only Hotel San Miguel de Allende

This hotel offers you the necessities of everyday life, the facilities are beautiful, and comfortable, and have unparalleled service. The hotel is located close to local attractions, however, it also offers leisure activities within its facilities such as horseback riding and a golf course.

Casa Arum Hotel 

It is a 5-star boutique hotel that offers beautiful and luxurious spaces in the historic center of San Miguel de Allende, with the best decoration, bed linens, soaps, and hospitality. This hotel is ideal to feel very comfortable, at home and rested from a long night of partying.

What about the food and drinks?

Catering Zumo

Being served by Zumo catering and events company will be one of those experiences you will never forget. Their staff will make sure that your event will be just as you planned and dreamed it. Both you and your guests will enjoy excellent service and will take with them a pleasant memory. Zumo offers a wide variety of banquets and cocktails to make your event an incredible and delicious moment. It offers buffet dinners, three-course dinners, dessert tables, welcome cocktail reception, mixology, etc. All preparations are made with premium organic, local, and sustainable ingredients. 

RG Catering

RG Catering is a complete food and beverage service for the most outstanding social events, such as your wedding celebration. With RG Catering you will have everything you need, always with the highest quality and making you and your loved ones have a delicious time.


For QGourmet, creating gastronomic delights for your wedding will be something that will fill you with honor and joy. They will be delighted to be a fundamental part of the evening with totally personalized proposals. Their main goal is to make your party stand out for the elegance, seasoning, and presentation of every detail.

Other things to consider

Zumo Weddings & Events

Zumo provides the finest care and organization of events to ensure that you don’t have to stress about anything, and that all the details are taken care of. Their services include banquets, photography, transportation, wines and liquors, furniture rental, wedding and event organization, ceremony, music, decoration, waitstaff and staff services, and more.


Nextia provides more than just catering services for your wedding day—it offers a complete culinary experience tailored to your special event. Knowing that no two weddings are alike, they have a customized proposal available for each couple. Their main offerings include catering services, event organization, catering in-home, and rehearsal dinners. 

Bougainvillea San Miguel

Bougainvillea San Miguel specializes in catering for weddings and provides you with the gastronomic expertise of an outstanding chef to create unique and inventive recipes. Their goal is to craft an elegant banquet with subtle flavors per your personal preferences. In addition to catering, they also offer banquet services, decorations, organization, wines, and liquors, photography, and music.

Are you beginning to plan your wedding and feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to us! We can offer guidance and assistance throughout the entire process, consulting you on every crucial choice that will make your day as extraordinary as you’ve envisioned.