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Late night snacks

Late night snacks

  • Tacos al Pastor

    Chopped onions/ Pineapple / Fresh Cilantro Molcajete salsa.

  • Tortas ahogadas

    "Drowned" sandwich is submerged in chili de arbol & tomato sauce. Fried pork, onions, radishes and diced avocado

  • Red or Green chilaquiles

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  • Mini sliders & Milkshakes
  • Churros with cchocolate



  • Plantain empanadas

    Roasted plantains stuffed with black beans, cotija cheese, scallions, and poblano peppers with cinnamon chipotle glaze.

  • Empanadas

    With toasted almonds, dried cherries, chile de arbol sauce & drizzled with Mexican crema and chipotle salsa.

  • Enfrijoladas norteñas

    Corn tortilla with panela cheese, chorizo and crema fresca, black bean epazote sauce and chile morita salsa.

  • Sweet green corn tamales

    Served with sour cream and salsa fresca.

  • Mini quesadillas

    With Oaxaca cheese and toasted almonds.

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