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Optional dessert table

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Optional dessert table

  • Mini cheesecakes

    With ginger and apricot coulis

  • Warm chili chocolate chip cookies

    With mascabado & sea salt.

  • Chocolate symphony

    Dark, milk and white chocolate, peanut crumble, and hibiscus reduction.

  • Lemon zumo & kiwi panna cotta

    With lavender sauce.

  • Mini key lime tarts

    With whipped cream.

  • Passionfruit mousse
  • Tres leches cake

    With blood orange, Grand Marnier, and white chocolate mousse.

  • Almond blackberry tart
  • Assorted flavors – mini crème brulees

    Chocolate chili, lavender honey, Kahlua and organic vanilla.

  • Chocolate truffles

    With mezcal, pralines, and white chocolate foam.

  • Mezcal chocolate chili cake

    with smoked salmon, crème fraiche and dill.

  • Mini-cupckaes

    Margarita, horchata, Kalhua, lavender & mexican chocolate.

  • Hazlenut & chocolate baklava
  • Rosemary cake with pine nuts & orange glaze
  • Raspberry lemon polenta cake
  • Morrocan chocolate cake
  • Almond blackberry tart
  • Coconut citrus cake with poppyseeds
  • Green tea parfaits
  • Chocolate banana cake
  • Assorted mexican wedding cookies & candies

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